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Flue gas treatment

 Progettiamo e realizziamo macchine per la depurazione delle

 emissioni di inquinanti in atmosfera. 

1.       Sistemi per la filtrazione delle polveri

o  Filtri a cartucce

o  Filtri a maniche

o  Cicloni

2.       Sistemi per l’abbattimento ad umido degli inquinanti

o  Scrubber flottanti

o  Scrubber verticali a uno o più letti statici

o  Scrubber orizzontali a uno o più stadi

o  Scrubber venturi

3.       Sistemi di ossidazione termica

o  Combustore termico a fiamma diretta

o  Combustore termico recuperativo

o  Combustore termico rigenerativo

4.       Sistemi di adsorbimento, biofiltrazione e riduzione degli odori

o  Adsorbitori a carbone attivo

o   Biofiltri 

Activated carbon adsorber

The activated carbon adsorbers exploit their enormous specific surface to trap pollutants in themselves, adsorbing them precisely


Inside the biofilter the air is treated passing through an organic filter bed, which has a livelihood for aerobic microorganisms ...

Direct flame thermal oxidizer

The direct flame thermal oxidizer are machines that use the heat of an external burner to break the bonds of the pollutants ...

Recuperative thermal oxidizer

The recuperative thermal oxidizers are very similar to those direct flame but they take advantage of a heat recovery ...

Regenerative thermal oxidizer

The regenerative thermal oxidizers are the last stage in the evolution of the thermal oxidizers ...


The cyclones are simple machines that do not use filter media to carry out the purification but exploit the kinetic energy ...

Cartridge filters

The cartridge filters allow air purification by filtration of suspended dust ...

Pulse jet filters

The bag filters allow air purification by filtration of suspended dust ...

Floating scrubber

The floating scrubbers are washing towers whose recirculating solution comes in contact with the filling bodies ...

Horizontal Scrubber with one or more beds

The horizontal scrubbers with one or more stages are horizontal washing towers in which the stream flows ...

Venturi Scrubber

The scrubbers are Venturi scrubbers where the effluent to be treated and the recirculation solution flowing ...

Vertical Scrubber with one or more beds

The vertical scrubber with one or more static beds are scrubbing towers where the filling bodies serve to greatly increase ...