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New textile machinery

Brushing machine

The brushing allows you to create an appearance and a characteristic effect on the fabric.
Our brushing machine can carry out work on both dry and especially in the wet conditions.
In case of wet processing, the machine is implemented including a self-cleaning rotating filter type FR always of our production, to allow the cleaning water from noils of processing while ensuring a high level of functionality, strength and production reliability.
The brushing unit can be configured to 2/4/6/8 heads with clockwise and anticlockwise rotation.
The whole machine is equipped with electronics, inverters and electrical axis actuators to enable highly tailored configurations.
The possibility of choosing the type of brush according to the tissue to be treated allows for an almost infinite range of products.
Mounting tapes metal profile allow our brushing machine to be used as “striccatrice”.

The brushing has the purpose to clean the cloth from the surface impurities, lift the fluff and standardize the direction of the pile.