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Water filtration

FR 100

COST-FER designs and produces self-cleaning rotary filters for the continuous filtration of industrial water in order to separate the solids from the water.
The solids and water can thus be recovered to be utilized in the production cycle or eventually disposed of according to current regulations.

These machines can be applied to the following sectors:
- Textile Industry scrubbers and purifiers
- Canning industry
- Paper Industry and cellulose
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Wine industry
- Industry for the processing of beer
- Chemical Industry
- Farming industry
- Civil and industrial discharges.
- Dairies
- Tanning industry
- Others

The wastewater, coming from the process, is conveyed inside the rotating filter. The filter is made of perforated stainless steel sheet with accurately finished surface. Inside it is made a relief propeller that prevents the rapid advancement of the water and at the same time the dripped and filtered material towards the opposite end, until it fall into the tank arranged for the collection and disposal. The filter cylinder is kept in rotation by the transmission system. The filtered liquid is collected in the proper tank made in the bottom of the filter and sucked by the pump which brings it back in the process tank. A part of the filtered liquid is conveyed towards a cleaning lance, placed above the filter cylinder, which through suitable nozzles pours the water on the perforated plate by cleaning it, guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of filtration.

Currently the flowrate production is up to 25 mc / h - 50 m³ / h and 100 m³ / h. Other flowrate capacity on request.