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Who we are

COST-FER srl born in 1960, by the founder Bruno Bianchi, who thanks to the passion for the textile and automation after years of in-depth studies. He has developed an innovative washing system for which he won the “work and economic progress award”. The Chamber of Commerce has decided to reward the innovation conferring us a patent of industrial invention for washing breadth immersion and emersion fabrics contemporary in the same tank. With the experience acquired in half a century and the innovative character that in recent years has distinguished us, COST-FER has decided to open its horizons, addressing directly the problems related to the environment protection and social welfare, developing products for water filtration and purification of atmospheric emissions. We design and realize systems that meet the needs of the most demanding industries for the supply of textile machinery and the resolution of problems related to water filtration and purification of atmospheric pollutants.

   Team Members

Managing director
Dario Bianchi
Web and marketing
Federico Bianchi
Sales manager
Cristina Bonzini